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Sneaker Washing Guide: The Ultimate Guide to All-Day, All-Year Sneaker Care

Jul 24, 2023

Sneaker Washing Guide: The Ultimate Guide to All-Day, All-Year Sneaker Care

Sneakers needing a little love and care? You're in the right spot! 

Today, we're stepping into the world of sneaker upkeep, keeping them as vibrant and robust as our shared spirit. Ready to go? Let's dive in!

1. Keeping Your Sneakers Fresh as Morning Dew

Sneakers, they're more than footwear—they're an extension of our personal style and a testament to our Black pride. So, let's make sure they always mirror the best of us!

1.1: Daily Care - Your Go-To Routine

Taking care of your sneakers daily is like brushing your teeth. It's a small step but really important!

  • Every Morning: Give your sneakers a quick look. If you see dirt or dust, brush it off.

  • Every Night: Let your sneakers rest in a place with fresh air. This helps them stay fresh and last longer.

1.2: Deep Cleaning - Time for Some Extra Love

Sometimes, your sneakers need a deep clean. It's like giving them a special bath.

  • What You Need: A soft brush, some soap that's not too strong, and warm water.

  • Cleaning Steps: Gently brush the fabric, going in the direction it looks like it's made. For the bottoms, or soles, make little circles with your brush.

  • A Tip: Be gentle and take your time. Imagine you're treating your sneakers to a relaxing day!

2. Tips to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer

Just like with our favorite toys or belongings, with a little care, we can make our sneakers stay with us for a long time. Here are some simple tips:

Photo by ManSan from Pexels
Photo by Tnarg on Pexels

2.1: Wear Them Right

  • Lacing Up: When putting on your sneakers, always loosen the laces instead of forcing your feet in. This keeps the shape of your sneakers and prevents wear and tear.

  • Taking Them Off: Use your hands to take them off, rather than pushing them off with your other foot. This helps in keeping the heel part in good shape.

2.2: Rotate Your Sneakers

  • Rest Days: Just like how we need rest after a busy day, your sneakers need a break too. If possible, try not to wear the same pair every day. This gives them time to bounce back to their original shape.

2.3: Protect From Weather

  • Rain and Snow: Wet weather can be tough on sneakers. If it's raining or snowing, consider wearing a different type of shoe. If your sneakers do get wet, let them dry naturally and avoid putting them near heaters.

2.4: Store Them Properly

  • Keep Them Cool: Find a cool, dry place for your sneakers. Away from direct sunlight is best. This helps the color stay bright and the material stay strong.

  • Use Shoe Trees or Newspaper: If you're not going to wear them for a while, consider putting shoe trees or balled-up newspaper inside. This helps them keep their shape. 

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