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05 Best Black History Month Door Decoration Ideas

05 Best black history month door decoration ideas

Black History Month was first celebrated in 1970 and has been continuing to the present. Throughout the UK, teachers have organized a variety of activities to commemorate the contributions and achievements of black people and door-decorating is one of them. The goal of black history month door decorations are to ensure that all young people, regardless of background, learn deeply about black history and its importance.

Let's check below for creative and unique ideas that we have collected for your door.

1. Decorate with positive slogans 

When you're feeling down or unmotivated, these slogans might encourage and inspire you. Reading fantastic slogans can help you enhance your attitude and state of mind. Allow your favorite slogan to inspire your friends about black pride, self-love, and positive energy by putting it in the center of the door, with a big and bright color font to attract everyone's eyes. The rest is decorating the blank space with everything you like!

2. Decorate with natural black body features (skin color, hair, face) 

Get inspired by these super-creative decorations honoring Black History Month. You and your partners can use coils of construction paper, floral fabric, tissue paper or rolled up trash bags and so on to decorate your workplace, home, school, etc. Trust me! You gonna be surprise by the result. 





3. Decorate with great people pictures/paintings and their famous quotes 

Art is always fascinating to look at. However, hearing the concepts behind the paintings might be just as entertaining! These quotations will spark some interesting discussions during Black History Month! 

Take the discussion a step further by showing your children some of these artists' masterpieces and then allowing them to make their own masterpieces! Send your pupils or children to the art table with an open-ended concept to think about... feel inspired by an artist's use of color, their approach to a societal issue, or anything else you observe throughout your chat. That one thought will be enough to serve as a foundation for your children to develop the remainder of the art using their own imagination! 




4. Decorated with famous character paintings 

Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci are all names that come to mind when we think of artists. Is there a common thread running across this group of artists? None of them are African-American. Black visual artists have been brushed beneath the radar and kept invisible for far too long. Black artists' contributions to art history have been mostly erased, disregarded, and ignored. With the recent global rallies in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, it's past time that we assured that Black artists' works be honored, platformed, and included into art history. Take a look at these well-known black paintings to understand how black can be one of the most striking colors in your palette. 




5. Black Power Flag

MELANINFUL Power Inside Flag proudly displays the red, black, and green colors of Black History Month. With this Celebrating Black History paper flag decoration, you can honor Black History Month all month long. Black History Month honors and commemorates the significant contributions made by Black people of African, Caribbean, and other descents to history, culture, and society. This décor is appropriate for use in not only schools and classrooms, but also at home, offices, businesses, and other locations. Join the cause, band together in solidarity, and assist to educate and inspire future generations.

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Besides, decorate your room with canvas posters, bedding sets or Laundry Basket would be great ideas. Your room will not only mark your Black pride but also inform, engage, and inspire everyone. MELANINFUL's products are highlighting the important historical figures, explore key events in the African-American experience, and bring history to life! 

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We hope you find these black history door ideas useful as your school celebrates Black History Month! Let's continue the celebration! 

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