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05 Rosa Parks Movies You Should Watch at Least Once in Life

05 Rosa Parks Movies You Should Watch at Least Once in Life

Few women have left as considerable an imprint on American history as Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. She was a human rights activist, the African American movement's first lady, and well-known for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott. Many of her actions and beliefs are now undoubtedly the most popular college essay topics, her name comes up when discussing the civil rights movement.  

Here are five Rosa Parks movies that you should watch to understand more about her historical personality and life story. 

Boycott (2001) 

  • IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.2/10 
  • Director: Clark Johnson 
  • Writers: Stewart Burns, Herman Daniel Farrell, Timothy J. Sexton

The film boycott is one of the best imagery of 1950s lives. You begin to comprehend the pressure, dangers, and consequences of Park's refusal to stand on the Montgomery bus. It can help a student writing a paper on the movement understand the tone and atmosphere of the time. 

Iris Little Thomas performs excellently Rosa Parks in this movie. Caryn James from the New York Times praised Thomas' characterization, saying it was clear "that the quiet, gracious Rosa Parks knew exactly what she was doing".

The Rosa Parks Story (2002) 

  • IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.3/10 
  • Director: Julie Dash  
  • Writer: Paris Qualles

The Rosa Parks Story focused on untold events leading up to Parks' renowned decision to sit in the white section of a Montgomery bus.

Angela Bassett had the opportunity to play Rosa Parks, the first lady of civil rights, in "The Rosa Parks Story" movie. We can see Park's strength and motivation through the eyes of Angela Bassett, who refuses to up her seat to a white man.

Doctor Who, “Rosa” - Season 11, Episode 3 (2018)

  • IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.3/10 
  • Director: Mark Tonderai  
  • Writers: Malorie Blackman, Chris Chibnall

The hugely successful British television series "Doctor Who" also pays tribute to Rosa Parks' role in the Civil rights movements. The drama focuses on the impact of her bus ride, with the main character time traveling back to witness it. Malorie Blackman contributed her creativity to this episode, becoming the first non-white and only sixth female writer. Rosa is played by Vinette Robinson in this science fiction series.

Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks (2002)

  • Nominated for 1 Oscar Award 
  • IMDb Rating: ⭐ 8.2/10 
  • Director: Robert Houston  
  • Writer: Robert Houston

Whether you want to learn about Rosa Parks, consider adding "Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks" to your watch list. It includes images of Coretta Scott King, E.D. Nixon, and Martin Luther King Jr.  

The film later received an Oscar nomination, with renowned director Robert Houston at the helm. It's a great resource for college students who want to write about heroine and her impact on the Civil rights movement. 

Behind the Movement (2018) 

  • IMDb Rating: ⭐ 7.5/10 
  • Director: Aric Avelino  
  • Writer: Katrina O'Gilvie 

Meta Golding plays Rosa Parks in TV movie “Behind the Movement”, which is a one-of-a-kind story of how Rosa Parks' refusal to leave her seat sparked the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott. The film will tell the inspiring story of how a group of ordinary citizens decided that now was the time to speak up for their freedom and desire equitable rights.


Hope these Rosa Parks movies lists will inspire you about human and civil rights! If you are finding another genre, let’s take a look at our Black Movies List for Christmas and 90s Black Comedy Movies. 

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