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Can black people get lice?

Can black people get lice?

Believe it or not, one of the most often asked questions on the internet is about head lice problems. It is true that African Americans can get lice, but it is not true that they commonly have it.

The head lice, also known as Pediculus humanus capitis, is a parasitic insect that lives on people's heads, brows, and eyelashes. 

Head lice are little insects that live on the scalp and are most commonly found in kids aged 10 and under. The lice require human blood to exist so they will starve if they are separated from their host for more than two days. Head lice are usually transmitted from one person to another via direct head-to-head contact, pets do not play a role.

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How Do Lice Get In Your Hair?

Crawling is the only way head lice can move; they can't hop or fly. Head lice are transferred by direct contact with an affected person's hair. Anyone who has direct touch with someone who has head lice is at the greatest danger.

Black people can get lice

Head lice are found worldwide. Head lice have the unique ability to move down the hair shaft and bond their eggs to it, and because African-American hair is shaped differently than else, that’s why head lice have difficulty gripping the hooks around the hair, black and less common in black people's hair.

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Hair Lice Treatment for Curly hair

Whether on curly or normal hair, methods to remove lice are the same. Here are our suggestion: 

  • Use lice treatment products such as coconut oil or specialized lice shampoo
  • Treat lice with a nit comb
  • Treat lice with natural ingredients like olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, and egg whites.
  • Cut your hair short
  • Remove lice out of hair by hand
  • Licefreee Spray: Using a homeopathic solution containing sodium chloride, kills lice naturally, including lice eggs. The spray kills head lice and nits on contact and is quick and easy to use. Allow the hair to dry naturally once you've soaked it in the spray. 

Although the instructions claim that no rinsing or washing is required, you should soak your curly hair before using the ultra-fine nit comb. However, once the hair has dried completely after treatment, you can resume your normal hair care routine! Of course, read the directions attentively.

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Here are some recommendations for lice treatment. However, if the remedies are not working, or even worse, you are allergic to some natural ingredients, we highly suggest that you should go to see doctors to cure them. We hope that by reading our article, you will gain more knowledge and learn how to treat your hair safely.

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