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16 Black-owned Crystal Shops Which Chase Your Stress All Away

16 Black-owned Crystal Shops Which Chase Your Stress All Away

Since time immemorial, stones and scented candles have been believed to ease the stress, restore, energize and purify and cleanse both the mind and body. If you are suffering seriously mental health issues due to the pandemic, crystal healing is definitely great choice for mental recovering.

To help you treasure relaxing moments, Melaninful has compiled the black-owned crystal shops near you to visit. They not only offer crystals but also many healing items such as candles, jewelry, body shower and so on.

Let’s check them out!

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Beau Life

🔮 Canton of Zürich, Switzerland

They are a safe haven for those who love crystals, luxury and spirituality.

Their aim is to provide you with high-quality products that you can incorporate into your daily routine at an affordable price. The crystals used in their products are sourced from all over the world, giving each piece its unique vibration and energy. All their orders are packaged and shipped worldwide from their headquarters in Volketswil, situated in the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

Heritage Apothecary

🔮 Los Angeles, USA

Heritage Apothecary exists to support your journey to becoming the fullest expression of your highest self.  We know how it feels to be stuck in the muck of negative energy!  So Heritage products were created to help you transcend your energetic blocks and return to alignment.

Peach & Pixie

🔮 Online store

Black Women Owned & Ethically Sourced Crystals & Sage

Soulful Vibes Co.

🔮 Online store

Crystals, Meditation, Sexuality, and Holistic Living... Its not just a movement, it’s a Soulful Lifestyle.

They specialize in different crystals, meditation, Sexuality, and overall holistic living products. They are all about providing affordable, high quality, and high vibrational items. They aspire to spread joy, peace, love, and positivity with their products that will not only create a movement but will become a lifestyle filled with soulful vibes.

Chakra Zulu

🔮 Online store

Here at Chakra Zulu the mission is to share the love of crystals with the world. They enjoy creating beautiful chakra sets and offering one of a kind crystal specimens like wands, palmstones & hearts. Crystal healing is and always has been a huge part of their life. They’re located in sunny Florida and ship worldwide! Happy Shopping!

Seven Gems

🔮 Online store

Black-owned Bay Area based online crystal shop

Skin Rituals

🔮 Online store

Natural vegan products for your mind, body & soul.

Just Kweenin

🔮 Online store

“Flash forward to spring 2017 when I really began to research the many types of crystals and stones and their meanings and uses. I became intrigued by the thought that something that nature made could be so beautiful and healing at the same time. I wanted to share their beauty with the world and make it my own at the same time.”

- Kassi, the owner of Just Kweenin

Femme Yogipreneur

🔮 808 W Main St, Springfield OH 45504

The one spot to get on your wellness and mindfulness journey

They offer a wide range of chic and versatile activewear along with some metaphysical, spiritual and self-care kits. Every product is made on purpose for you! Join the conscious tribe to be notified on the exclusive deals.

Grand Vibrations

🔮 Online store

At Grand Vibrations, they provide handmade jewelry and accessories made from crystals and gemstones. They make, bracelets, necklaces and more. Their focus is natural self care. All items in their shop are focused on raising your vibration to be the best you!

Sankofa Living

🔮 Online Store

Sankofa Living started on Etsy in 2018 as away to offer people alternative spiritual  healing tools.  The owned wanted to remind people of the beauty that nature produces. We must remember the ways of our ancestors, with respect and honor to nature.

Urban Rutile   

🔮 Online Store

They strive to provide a natural product to give a sense of hope and empowerment to others through Crystal healing. They encourage the use of Crystals as an alternative-medicine practice by using semiprecious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst or opals for their metaphysical healing properties. When crystals connect with a person, and they are used together in a healing session, they will resonate or vibrate a frequency. What that does, is it amplifies any intention. Crystals assist and facilitate in the healing process. The stones/crystals will entrain vibrations across to you. Whatever is placed as an intention, will turn around and embroider and grow!

Karma Bliss

🔮 Online store

Founded by Devi Brown, Karma Bliss is a collective in service to the liberation of the self. A place for the seekers of joy, ease, ritual and community.

Nirvana Wild

🔮 Online store


Papyrus & Charms

🔮 339 W North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Papyrus & Charms specializes in handmade & vintage jewelry & clothing. Homegrown right in Milwaukee, WI. Many natural products made of wood, seeds, and leathers.

Queen Hippie Gypsy

🔮 337 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Queen Hippie Gypsy was founded by Lilly Ayers in 2018. Lilly Ayers is a Downtown Oakland business owner and community activist from Oakland, California. Her passion for community service stems from her own trials and experiences while growing up as an underprivileged youth in the City of Oakland. As a domestic violence awareness advocate and survivor, she has led and organized many fundraisers, galas, and walks to help increase domestic violence awareness in her East Bay community. Lilly used crystals, meditation, and metaphysical tools to heal from her own traumas. She now shares those tools with the Queen Hippie Gypsy community.

Source: Facebook





Healing crystals are very powerful and have the ability to invoke positive energies. If you are still wondering which stone to buy, African Turquoise will be a rational choice.

Connecting with crystals is also a way to understand yourself, your soul and bring you a positive vibe. It is definitely worth a try! Find a Black-owned crystal store where you’re interested in and contact them now!

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