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50 Coolest Black Baby Boy Names and their meanings

Dec 09, 2021

50 Coolest Black Baby Boy Names and their meanings

Name is a very significant aspect of someone's identity. It might define who you are or what you want to be and connect you to your Africa spiritual soul, culture, or family roots. This is why choosing the perfect name for your child is a little more difficult. So, if you are looking for the right name for your new son, then here are 50 great and popular Black Baby Boy Names that you can consider!

50 black baby boy names and their meanings

Black baby boy


This means "Little fire" which has its origins in Irish mythology, it is a Celtic god of sun and fire in Gaelic language.


In Biblical Hebrew, this means “Worthy of praise”. It's a classic name that's still popular in today's world. Abraham is regarded as the forefather of the Jews, according to the Old Testament. 


A delightful Nigerian baby boy name that translates as "royal". In Yoruba, this word denotes "king," "crown," or "royalty." 


Known as "Noble or ready for battle", it's an impressive name for a brilliant baby boy.


This name means "Warrior" and is also known as "Brave". It is a common name being used in Spanish. 


A nice name means "Priceless". This was a classic name but still popular in modern times. 


The name can be translated "the one whose reign is based on honesty and justice". Besides, Ardashir is also the name of a 3rd century Persian king who defeated the Parthians and founded the Sassanid Empire. 


An African-American and Old English name is understood as "Book binder".


Means “brave” and wise”. Before it was a surname but generally became a given name. 


It is derived from the Latin word "cantare," which means "Sing". The Chanté name gives your son a clever mind, good business judgment, a sense of responsibility, and an appreciation of the finer things of life. 


With roots in Arabic, this means “Little”, “truthful”. This was also the name of the sixth Abbasid caliph. 


This African name is a strong Egyptian name that means "God's power". Chike is on the list of the most trending Unisex baby names with the simply pronunciation. 


This is a Persian name meaning “Rich” and “Kingly”. This name had a famous history through Emperor Darius the Great, an important person in ancient Persian history. 


An Italian name that means “Gift of God”, it is rarely used so if you want to name your son the unique name, Dontrell will be the one. 


A Hebrew name that means "Very Fruitful", It is the biblical Ephraim name, a son of Joseph and ancestor of the Tribe of Ephraim 


A name that means "Powerful" originated in the African-Nigeria language. The rarely name in U.S, a perfect choice for parents who like a unique name. 


The name was famous in the 17th century by the Puritans. Eli is the name of a high priest in the bible. He served as the mentor and spiritual trainer for the young prophet Samuel. It is Hebrew name, which means high, uplifted, and ascended. 


A name which derived from a Hebrew phrase that means "Jehovah is my God".


A boy name of Irish origin, which means “Man of courage.” 


An African name which means “Calm and peaceful”.


It means "Old and wise" in its African-American origin.


Means “Wise and intelligent” in its Arabic origin.


Means "Steadfast", this is one of the best names for bold young boys as it was a name of a hero in the Trojan War.


Comes from Hebrew, it means "Child of laughter".


An ancient Egyptian name means "Courageous".


Another Arabic name with the meaning “Beauty”.


A name was believed to be of Persian origin, the rooted in English that means "Treasure". 


A Hebrew name meaning "Thankful", can be used for both boys and girls with the greatest meaning: God lodges 


It means “Flow down” and “Descend' in Hebrew and Greek. Jordan is also the name of the river, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Bible. 


Kasim is an African name with multiple meanings: “one who divides goods”, "Control of anger", it's most common in Nigeria. 


In African origin, it means "Loved one". It's traditionally a boy's name, but it can now be used for girls as well. 


Rooted in Hebrew, Brazilian, and Thai, this name means "Strong warrior" and also means "brave" 


Means "Friend" in Arabic roots.  It's a common Asian, African surname and now widely used as a given name  


This name has an origin from Scandinavian. It is a cool Scandinavian name that means “Lawman”.  


This name is not common for baby boy name. In African-American, the name means "Warrior". 


This is a special Greek name which related to Alexander, means "Liberator".


The Hebrew name means “messenger of God”, “my angel”. It is also the name of the Jewish prophet in the Hebrew Bible. He was the writer of the Book of Malachi, the last book of the Neviim (prophets) section in the Jewish Tanakh.


This name is known as "King" Arabic, the one of the 99 names of Allah.


It is derived from the Latin word "martellus," which means "hammer.".


The most suitable name for the first-born baby boys, means "Born first".


Associated with the Arabic name Naim, it's means "To be contented".


A well-known Irish name meaning “Champion”.


This name means "God the highest" in Swahili.


A name of English, Irish origin meaning "Spear of Gods".


Means "Morning" in Arabic and Turkish. This is also a unisex name.


Originated in the Old Testament of the Bible, this means “name of God".


A nice name of Greek origin meaning "Revered", the name given to all Roman emperors. The funny fact is that this is the loveably crab - in Disney's animated classic, "The Little Mermaid".  


In American origin, this name means "The chosen one". This is one of the most attractive baby name and pronunciation is also simple. 


A strong name meaning "Strength" in the American origin. This is a habitual name for people from Tyre city in Lebanon. 


Means "New house" and "Bright". The name origins from the Francis de Xavier - the Catholic Saint, where Xavier refers to the saint's birthplace. 

With 50 suggestions for black baby boy names as above, hopefully, parents will have a good choice of naming their son. Wish your dearest babies always be smart, healthy and become the pride of the whole family.

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