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15 Coolest Black Men Braid Styles That Made Admiring Glances

15 Black Men's Coolest Braided Hairstyles That made Admiring Glances

Braided is a trendy hairstyle since 2018, giving guys stylish yet attractive but no less gentleman and manly. A lot of men, from rappers to famous celebrities in the world are "in love" with this men's hair trend. Currently, Man Braid is the hottest new hair trend and is responded to by fashionistas.

So what is the Men’s Braided hairstyle? What kind of braid is suitable for guys with various styles? Let's find out with MELANINFUL.

What is Braid?

Braids (also known as plaits) are a complex hairstyle made up of three or more strands of hair intertwined. Braiding has been utilized in numerous civilizations throughout the world for thousands of years to style and adorn human. Although, some people assume that braid hairstyle is suitable with women only and needs long hair. However, the fact is that men are also looked very cool on it. There are many celebrities to this style and can also fit with casual outfit. 

From straight braids to long box braids pushed up or even braided, here are 15 braid hairstyles for men. Because their hair is usually extremely thick, this braided hairstyle will complement them while also providing a highlight or a break.

1. Classic braid with fade

The high skin fade and precise braid lines rugged and masculine aesthetic that is difficult to ignore.

2 cornrow braids for men

2. Box braid

Synthetic hair is commonly used to create box braids, which adds thickness while also assisting the natural hair. This is one of the most popular black man braid designs, and it's unique because of its amazing simplicity.

3. Dutch man braid

When it comes to  Dutch braiding is both straightforward and time-saving. It's a simple braid, but it's no less attractive.

4. Braids with top knots

The braids are knotted together to create a noticeable highlight on men's hair, which is a unique aspect of this hairstyle.

5. Cornrow For Men

Cornrow braids combine a combination of large and small plaits to produce a rough, textured effect. They're also extremely contemporary, thanks to the edgy design, which features plaits that flow in all directions and lines.

6. Braided man bun

Men's braided hairstyles are  for long hair. Combining braids and buns creates a highly stylish new appearance.

7. Two braids for men

Another simple braid style for men when you don't know how to choose a hairstyle that is both trendy and beautiful.

8. Zig zag braids

If you are finding the usual braids quite boring, then try this zig zag braid with pattern for a new look.

Uploaded image

This braid style is robust and suited for guys thanks to the combination of two hairstyles and a bit extra texture.

10. Twisted hair

This braid is neat, casual and perfect for those who want a hairstyle that's both trendy and a little daring.

Pin by janice wells on afro men hairstyle | Hair twists black, Twist  hairstyles, Hair styles

11. Tiny cornrows

Cornrow styles, a hairstyle that dates back to ancient Africa which  are frequently utilized and altered. Simple, with little cornrows, we believe that they are deserving of lots of appreciations.

12. Blonde Braids

Ideal choice for those who want a classic braid with an attached blonde section that makes it stand out.

Uploaded image

13. Fish Braids

Fish braids, a braid style that gives men a strong and elegant look. Get creative with your hair with this special braid

Low Fade Undercut with Long Box Braids Men
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14. Colored Braids

Color always gives us a different feel and what better way to combine it with braids.

Fine Taper Fade with Dyed Braids

15. Mohawk Braids Into Bun

With the braids reset it gives you a play area as well as you can adjust the bun to your liking

7 Types of Man Bun Hairstyles | Gallery + How To


Tips To Take Care Of Braids

To keep the braids for the longest time about 6-8 weeks and still clean and make the braids last longer through the following steps:

  • Moisturize on a daily basis: Apply a leave-in conditioner, oil, or Shea butter to braids on damp or dry hair. Make sure to massage your chosen product into your scalp to prevent it from drying out. It's easier to direct the solution in-between braids with a pointed applicator.
  • Wash the scalp every 7-10 days: Wet hair and  gently work through braids, and squeeze it out.
  • Wear a silk do-rag or a silk pillowcase to protect your hair while you sleep. Because the smooth fabric won't pull on hair or dry it out like cotton, this is fantastic advice for all natural hairstyles.


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